Ένα από τα πιο πολυσύνθετα γκρουπ του είδους τους, οι Dub Pistols έρχονται στα τέλη του μήνα για τέσσερεις συναυλίες στη χώρα μας και δεν θα μπορούσαν να μην το συνδυάσουν με μια στάση στο VR.

[Ahead of their upcoming gigs in Greece, the Dub Pistols stopped by VibeRated.com to answer a few questions.]

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The Dub Pistols have consistently been referred to by the media as part of the big beat scene. As artists, do you feel a bit frustrated with people trying to put labels on your music?

Yeah, it goes against everything we stand for. We are not punk but our sentiments are in that anything goes. We try to fuse many styles of music together and see what comes out. By putting a label on a style of music you narrow down the sound and fence in the artist's creativity and shelf life. In short, it sucks.

In comparison to 1996 when you started out as a band, would you say that it’s more difficult to survive in today’s music industry given the great drop in record sales in recent years?

Well in 1996 we where not a band, just Barry putting out records for his DJ shows. The band formed later as things went on, but it’s always been hard for bands and things have now become a lot harder because of the sales thing, though if you’ re clever you can now get further on your own without a label, if you work the social media sites properly.

When touring do you have the time to soak up the culture of the countries you visit or is your program too hectic?

It really depends. Most of the time you’ re in and out very quickly, but we have been going long enough now to have visited most places a few times and slowly sink ourselves into the culture as we meet local people and build up friendships and they show us the real side of the places we visit.

How easy is it to make music as a group? Do you ever find yourselves having a different vision of how an album or track should sound like, to the point where it is almost impossible to agree on a certain direction?

Well not really, as Barry is the producer and has final say. He brings musicians in to play certain parts and then they leave him to get on with putting it all together. Too many cooks spoil the broth as we say in England.

Your fifth studio album is called ‘Music Is My M16,’ tell us a bit about it.

Music is my M16 was a working title, though that may change as time moves and the sentiment of the album changes. Our 5th album is a little more up tempo and underground with more of a focused sound than we have had for sometime. We have been trying the tracks out live and they have been rocking places to the core which is something we have never done before.

What were your impressions from Greece the previous times you visited?

Well the Greek people have always been good to us so our impressions are good. Last time we played in Athens the crowd went crazy which is always a good thing, and then after the show we where asked if we wanted to go to a riot with the police haha!

Finally, what should Greek fans expect from your upcoming concerts in our country?

We only know one way to play which is ‘turn up the energy level to max and have a mother fucking party.’ Let’s rock.

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